ICT150012SWC  (ICT1500-12SWC)
  • ICT150012SWC  (ICT1500-12SWC)

ICT150012SWC (ICT1500-12SWC)

ICT Sine Wave Series 1500 Inverter 12Vdc to 115Vac w/ TCP/IP remote web interface

ICT Sine Wave Series Inverter 1500W

  • Input 10.5-16.0Vdc
  • Output 115Vac 1500W (3000W 2sec. surge)
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Factory Wired TCP/IP w/installed web interface for Remote options

Available with factory-installed transfer relay. Part number ICT1500-12SWTC. Call for price.

Also available without front AC outlets as modification M100185. Call for price.